Binacrombi News – Winter 2021

The Saturday night Binacrombi Bush Bash

Greetings again to every member of our Binacrombi community. Father Dave here with the Winter edition of the Binacrombi Newsletter.

Yes, we are reaching the coldest time of the year which, strangely, is our most popular time of the year too. Personally, I prefer the warmer weather though I appreciate that scorching heat and armour-plated leather riding outfits are not a happy combination.

Either way, it’s good to have the bush-fire season behind us, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of the floods too. We’ve had the River Run washed out twice this year. Thankfully, Stew and Bob (on bulldozer and bobcat, respectively) have repaired the damage on both occasions and our tracks are fully operational again. 😊

I’ve got a few quick announcements and a gift. Stick with me and I’ll try to be brief:

  1. Pricing changes

It’s been a good few years since we’ve adjusted the fee structure at Binacrombi. There will be some slight adjustments this winter.

For some time the riding fee for adults has been $40/day for bikes and $50/day for buggies and larger vehicles. The problem with this is that some buggy riders only come as passengers and feel hard done by. Accordingly, I’m making adult riding fees a flat rate of $50/day for everyone. At the same time, I’m reducing the charge for kids (under 16) to $25/day. Hopefully, this will encourage more mums and dads to bring the kids.

I’m also making slight increases in the accommodation costs for some of the cabins and standardising camping costs at $20/night for adults and $10/night for kids. You can download the new schedule here.

As I say, it’s been a good few years since we’ve had any changes. Meanwhile, our costs have increased and we’re also reaching the point where I’m going to need to draw some sort of wage from Binacrombi myself. As you might have heard, I no longer hold a position as a Parish Priest. If you missed the story, you can see A Current Affair’s coverage of it here. The bottom line is that I’m devoting almost all of my energy now to Binacrombi and to parenting my youngest daughter. I’m at Bina every weekend and, hopefully, this will be a win for all of us. 😊

  1. Praying and Punching

One of the spin-offs of being at Binacrombi every weekend is the Saturday night Binacrombi Bush Bash where I do at least four rounds of boxing with resident athletes and courageous guests.

At 59 years old, I am Australia’s oldest professional boxer (ever), and if you haven’t watched the Bush Bash yet, we stream live every Saturday night on the Binacrombi Facebook page so long as I have somebody to fight me, and we usually find someone. 😊

I tell everyone that you get your money back if you knock me out in the first round. In truth though, nobody gets hurt, and I’ve had lots of women and men and girls and boys participate. Everybody thus far has had a great time.

If you’d like to join in, just let me know when you arrive or, better still, give us the heads-up when you book. I’ll make sure to bring  a mouthguard for you.

The flip-side of the Bush Bash is the Bush Eucharist, held each Sunday at midday. For some reason I have more trouble getting people involved in the praying than in the punching. Perhaps I need to offer guests their money back if they out-pray me?

Anyway … our Bush Eucharist is also streamed live each week from the Facebook page.

  1. Spot yourself and get 10% off

While the rates are rising slightly, here’s an easy way to get 10% off your next booking. Just spot yourself in a pic in the Binacrombi gallery.

I take photos each week of our guests and we upload a selection of the best images to the gallery. Just email Amanda a copy (or the URL) of your pic when you make your next booking and you’ll get the discount. The only conditions are that the pic is less than six months old and that you can only use one pic once.

  1. Enjoy your special gift

Finally, I have a special gift for you today, courtesy of Martin Varrand – founder and author of Motocross Advice.

Martin is based in Estonia, so I don’t expect he’ll be joining us at Binacrombi any time soon. Even so, that doesn’t stop us from benefiting from his motocross wisdom.

Martin started riding motocross at the age of four, coached by his father. At the age of seven, he won his first Junior World Championship title in Germany and has since been six-time National Champion! Martin has published a series of Motocross eBooks. The one he has offered us is his 50 Essential Hacks and Maintenance Tips – a comprehensive guide to keeping your dirt-bike running smoothly. You can download it at no charge here.

Please don’t share this URL publicly on the Internet. This gift from Martin Varrand is an exclusive to subscribers to the Binacrombi mailing list. If you like the book, you can email Martin and thank him, and don’t forget to check out his amazing siteMotocross Advice.

OK team. That’s it from me today. Hit me back if you have any thoughts or suggestions for Bina. It’s a team effort,  and I thank you for being a part of our Binacrombi community.


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