No Jab, No Worries – Spring 2021

Fran learns to drive

Greetings to all our Binacrombi family,

Father Dave here with some good news at last. We are opening up again! 😊

Yes, we had a long and lonely winter out in the bush, and while I do enjoy Bob’s company, and while the isolation has given my youngest daughter, Fran, a chance to learn to drive, we cannot wait to have you all back again!

So … when can you join us? It’s complicated. Let me lay it out as I understand it:

  • Binacrombi is technically able to open up immediately AND
  • Because we are a campground, your vaccination status is not relevant BUT
  • If you are a part of ‘greater Sydney’ you are not allowed to travel to regional NSW until we hit the 80% vaccination mark.

Basically, if you can reach us, we’d love to welcome you back, but it may be a couple of weeks yet before everyone is allowed to make the trip.

There are exceptions of course. You can join us right away if:

  1. You are currently residing in regional NSW
  2. You have a work-related reason for being at Binacrombi

So … to recap:

  • YES, we are open 🙂
  • NO, no one is going to ask you if you’re vaccinated 🙂
  • BUT, you may not be able to reach us for another couple of weeks yet 🙁

Patience is not one of my virtues. I can’t wait to see you back at Bina and back in the Binacrombi boxing ring. One step at a time though … I know. 🙁

Give Amanda a call on 1800 620 706 when you’re ready to book.