Glen Road - Binacrombi enctrance

Binacrombi Bush Telegraph – 14th edition

April and May have been and gone and Binacrombi is rapidly sliding into what appears to be a wet winter. April began with flooding rivers and mud, which left us stranded for a couple of days. But the river/ creek quickly subsided enough to allow guests and Dave to make the weekend one of fun. Dave again stepped into the ring to put some competitors through their paces, including one enthusiastic young bloke from Cabins 5 & 6 who was only just starting his journey into boxing. Well done!!

Another great Binacrombi Bush Bash :)

We’re also beginning to see some fruit from advertising in places like Hip Camp, which have brought guests who aren’t riders but are keen to find bush camps and places to stay. Two weekends ago, saw us welcome a couple who were travelling home north and found us as an impromptu overnight stop, and they were very happy with their one-night stay.

A happy group of Hipcampers :)

April ended with a rowdy weekend of guests, many of whom once again enjoyed putting Dave through his paces in the ring, enjoying the somewhat wetter tracks and hidden mudholes or simply the enjoyment of a decent fire on a cooler evening.

Binacrombi campfire evenings

May began with some welcome additions to the Park. Peter and I were helping a friend in Goulburn sell his motel, allowing us access to some new beds, linen, bar fridges, microwaves… we scooped up many bargains and were able to outfit cabins 1, 4, 5 & 6 with new double mattresses to replace the older ones. This should help make your experience at Bina a much more pleasant one as you sleep off the aches and pains of the day’s riding.

Bedding provided in the upper cabins at Binacrombi

An unusual guest or two have been making themselves known to us as well. A buck has found the grazing at Cabins 1 – 4 to his liking and he has been seen by ourselves and guests calmly wandering around in the afternoon. He doesn’t seem too worried about us but occasionally a younger buck joins him, never staying too long as he isn’t quite so keen on us.

All in all, the winter season of bike riding is progressing fairly well, although we do ask that you check the weather and if in doubt, contact the office with regards to whether the roads are passable and safe. The Abercrombie River and Mt Werrong Creek have flooded a few times lately, resulting in damages to the causeways but Peter and I do our best to keep the office aware of the situation, making your trip much more enjoyable.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Pauline 🙂