Binacrombi Bush Telegraph – March 17th, 2024

Summer has given way to Autumn and I have an apology to make. Normally I make the blogs monthly, however this year has been pretty intense on the home front for Peter and I and I’ve found myself in the beginning of March faster than I would’ve thought possible. My apologies that it’s taken me this long to get back to everyone.

January saw Peter and I moving house, which is actually two households as our son and family live with us, so it was an enormous task. There was also a double garage full of stuff, you know how that is, and a rented workspace that needed to be shut down and integrated into the new place… it took a lot of energy, time and Dave’s patience (thanx, Dave! 😉)

Summer at Binacrombi often revolves around swimming, hot days and mostly cooler nights. Holidays, motorbikes and nights spent around campfires. Mornings are often crisp and clear, days can be hot and dusty and nights generally stay cool. We had some days with incredible storms, unfortunately days where Peter had spent trying to clean up some tracks and I know that he had some sliding problems with the bobcat up on The Pines Run as he set a run-off pipe in place. I found myself stuck at the Dorm for nearly fifteen minutes while I waited out a downpour.

In the middle of February, we welcomed new guests from nearby Goulburn; a small group of Muay-Thai kickboxers who put the boxing ring to good use. Bunked together in cabins 1 – 4, the group were out and about in the early hours on long training runs or working through training in the boxing ring. They really enjoyed the facilities and I know the boxing ring and gym get put to good use on Dave’s weekends.

On the first weekend of March, Peter and I brought in our grandson and put him to work. Together we cleaned the Rec Room and Peter taught him how to use the pressure washer on the back verandah, fixing up the area with view to the end of March. I found a great table soccer game and was soundly beaten several times.

Preparations have begun as we work through March, heading for the Easter long weekend, which marks the opening of the bike season. Peter has worked on several tracks – The Pines Run, the Pee Wee track and the Warm Up Loop to name a few. Now would be a great time to have a chat with Amanda to book your place for the long weekend, whether you prefer cabins or camping, and don’t forget, for those with 4×4’s, The Junction is always a great campsite.

Looking forward to seeing you out here soon.

Pauline 😊