Binacrombi Bush Telegraph – January 10, 2024

Here we are again… wrapping up one year and quickly moving into the next. Last year, Peter and I saw the New Year at Binacrombi but we weren’t caretakers and we were camping at The Junction, which… by the way… is a beautiful place to see in a new year. So very quiet, we saw only one group of bike riders, and we spent our days exploring along the Abercrombie River and the adjoining creek. Funnily enough, we were testing out a new set up and Peter forgot the gas connection for the stove which led us to cooking over a campfire for the three or four days we were there. Beautiful!

Binacrombi in the summer isn’t always what you think it will be. For sure, we have the hot days where a swim in the many billabongs is a wonderful activity but whenever you come to visit be sure not to just bring your wet weather gear but also a few warmer clothes. Our first Christmas in 2007 saw a top of 15 degrees… 

In the middle of the Christmas frenzy, Binacrombi has been an oasis of calm and is a place where you can seriously leave the world and its stresses, behind. The air can be dusty at times, especially if your mates are riding in front of you, but its clean and fresh. And for those with kids, the holidays are easy when you visit out here. Swimming, fishing, riding, walking, games… Peter and I have spent the last few days with our 6-year-old grandson onsite and it was action-packed. When Mason wasn’t helping with a busted water pipe, copying me as I guided the excavator bucket, he was digging in the ensuing mud, or giving me some skin treatment with said mud.

In a previous post I think I revealed the Treasure Hunt we had had with him, following a map and previous guests have used the Rec Room for activities as well as something called squeaky-shoes hide and seek. All in all, it’s a great place to bring the kids to share their holidays and catch up with friends and family.

The last week of 2023 saw some great visitors and really epitomised what Dave and all of us see the park as, a community. Different guests spent their days sharing and looking after each other, and there was plenty of fun for all. Fishermen Andrew and Richard managed to haul several carp from the river, and temporarily have one rod stolen (much to our amusement), which was later recovered. And his wife and girls had a great time riding the tracks, the younger two starting their bike riding experience in a special course Andrew made for them near their camp site.

My last week of 2024 has been to start each day with an early morning walk when the world is waking. It’s so amazing to wander along the river listening to birdsong, then follow the lower track round the back of Brett’s Hill and out onto the junior motorcross. I have a great time picking tracks in the mud, not that I’m a hunter but there are plenty of animals that call Binacrombi home and they often leave imprints. Wallabies and kangaroos abound (pun intended 😉), and I caught sight of a very shy deer one morning. She was there and gone so quickly that I had no chance to take a photo. Another morning I walked surrounded by butterflies with a rainbow overhead…

New Year’s Eve came, and Peter and I spent it with our grandson and a close friend, and with Dave and Joy joining us at the campfire for the evening. It was peaceful and such a lovely way to say goodbye to what has been a very eventful end of year and to welcome in a new year, talking of new and wonderful ways that we can take Binacrombi to new levels.

From us here at Binacrombi, we do wish you a very blessed New Year and we’d love to see you and your family come join us. Don’t forget that Dave is still offering the Friends of Binacrombi initiative, and our wonderful Amanda is ready to take your booking call.