Binacrombi Bush Telegraph – November 6, 2023

 And November sweeps in so fast it’s almost a blur. Where did October go? End of season, school holidays, a holiday overseas, swimming the dog (our son’s, visiting for a weekend), a treasure hunt for pirate ‘gold’, interior decorating, landscaping… Whew! During October Father Dave and Joy flew away for a wonderful holiday overseas, leaving the Park to Peter and I, our son Brandon and emergency caretakers’ Nathan and Haney who stepped in to cover the final weekend as Dave returned. Thanx so much for the support, guys!       
 While onsite, Brandon managed to do some major ground-work – he replaced and dug in a waterpipe from The Cloister to Tank 5 and cleared away the roundabout near the top cabins. Interesting fact… when Peter, myself and co were onsite in our stint from 2007 – 2011, we actually created that roundabout, with the help of an amazing man I shall simply call Sam. Labourer, groundskeeper, chef and kitchen hand all in one, Sam was superman and when he left, the Park was that much more upgraded and we were all a little fatter. 😉  
Peter and I also were able to get to know the incredible Amanda during this month, the lovely lady who does most of the behind scene’s things like bookings… many of you will know her as the delightful voice at the end of the phone. She and her family joined us one weekend, which coincided with our young grandson being onsite. Being of the same age, all the boys had a wonderful weekend exploring, imagining and hanging out, each of them enjoying a quick pillion on a quad. Our grandson was also introduced to pirates and so, inspired by his imagination, I created a treasure map, and he led us on a wonderful treasure hunt to the river to find the hidden loot. It was so much fun and if any of you have young children, it makes for the best memories.  
Peter has, also, been hard at work over the past few weeks bringing the Pee Wee track up to scratch and it is in a pretty good state. He decided to create a new space on the track we have dubbed Pit Lane, a place to cruise in for repairs (or a rest), and this was added to over the weekend with tyres being manhandled into place by Nathan and his boxing/ gym crew, forming a protective barricade between the track and the lane. A big shout out to all those involved! And the activity this weekend once again reminded me of the true heart of Binacrombi; that of a community working together for the benefit of all. Peter is one-the-ground manager but we truly welcome anyone who wants to be a part of this journey. Any time you think you might want to become a Friend of Binacrombi, contact Father Dave, or have a word with Amanda or Peter. Dave also has some brand new initiatives brewing in this area so it’ll be exciting to see what appears in the next few weeks or so.  
Onto other new things, the Council have been through and whilst they didn’t get right the way through to The Junction, they did get through much further than I’d ever seen and made two thirds of the road brilliant. Unfortunately, the final third is still a little rough but if you have an SUV or 4WD heading to that end of the property is always a delight. The amenities are still on our list of repairs, but the river is stunning and there is a beautiful swimming hole just waiting to be enjoyed.  
Aaand… thanx to a donation, Peter and I were able to add some new chairs to Cabins 1 – 4 and 5 & 6. Pretty soon there should also be some donated tables for us to bring in so that Cabins 1 – 4 have some indoor seating/ eating.        
 Well, I think that might be all for this month’s telegraph. It’s a few days later than planned, my apologies, the new month snuck up whilst I was sick and doing my community responsibility of jury duty. But it never surprises me of just how beautiful Bina truly is, it’s always such a relief to be out in the bush, and how many opportunities for fun and adventure, even beyond the bikes, there is truly to be had. Join us both at Bina for the fun and for Bina, creating a better park for everyone… Pauline 😊