Binacrombi Bush Telegraph – 28/09/23


That was the word for August, I think… not that we’re there yet but… we are starting to build it.

Cabins are clean, the repair list is being attended to and the skid steer is hot property as tracks, driveways and jumps are being sorted. Guests are in and out, bikes and quads harmonise with the bush air on a weekend and the sun is shining.The last weekend of the month was a cracker (one of Peter’s favourite words lately); blue skies, low winds and twenty-ish degrees. We came in on Thursday to find the property saturated and muddy, the river up by a few feet and brown with run off. It was beautiful!! Friday brought a cold morning, clear skies and higher temperatures, which quickly dried out the Park.

August is also when the wattle and daffodils begin to shine and the Park is full of bright yellows and rich greens, heralding the onset of Spring and warmer days.

Big wins over the August as Peter managed to sort water to the Top Campground amenities (thanx for the advice, Bob), the 40 acres saw some extra work (thanx, Brandon & mates), as well as the River Run, the driveway and around the cabins (thanx, Peter, Mark & Bob). Peter, Dave and I might have boots on the ground most often, but the Park improves under many hands working together with a common goal in sight.

And for us at this moment, the goal is not just to create amazing weekend adventures across September and into the rest of the year, but to make every guest’s experience one to write home about, to tell the mates and to plan future visits.

We’re also focussed on the fast-approaching October Long Weekend – have you booked yet? Multiple cabins, four different camping areas and improved tracks to ride. If you’re brave enough there’s even a deep billabong (or two!) for the enthusiastic swimmer, beautiful river-side walks and fish to catch for the angler. And if you have the know-how, there’s plenty of fossicking – who knows what you’ll find! With so much to do and see, four days will become a regular habit of weekends in the bush.

So, from us here at Binacrombi, we send out an open invitation for you to join us and find your own piece of paradise and fun.

Pauline 😊