Binacrombi 2021

Hi Binacrombi community,

It’s Father Dave here with a quick update about what’s going on at Bina in 2021. There’s good news and bad, and then there’s some more good news. 🙂

The first piece of good news is that accommodation and riding fees are not about to go up. We haven’t increased accommodation fees for a number of years now, and while I was planning on a slight increase in the riding fees in 2021, now is not the time. In other words, we are still the cheapest option for a family weekend away, and, I trust, still the most exciting option too. 😊

The not-so-good news is that we have lost access to the 40-acre motocross track. Those who know Binacrombi well know the area I am talking about. It’s the flat area near the accommodation section with lots of tires and jumps on it. Unfortunately, this relatively small, land-locked area is not owned by us and we no longer have access to it. This is painful, as it was everyone’s place of choice for teaching the kids to ride. Even so, Bob, the caretaker, his son, Beau, and Stewart, the bulldozer driver, are already hard at work creating new kids’ tracks.  In fact, Bob has almost completed a small circular track over the top of one of our old camping areas. It will be hard to adjust but we will make the best of it.

In terms of more good news, let me list a few extra things:

  • Until we complete these new tracks, there will be no riding fees at all for kids under 12 years of age (but they must have at least one riding adult with them)
  • We have added a gallery to the website ( and if you spot yourself in a pic there, you get 10% off accommodation on your next stay.
  • We are upping the ante on the Saturday night boxing sessions this year.

The ‘Binacrombi Bush Bash’ was one of our biggest hits (so to speak) in 2020, and I’m hoping we’re going to be able to upsize it this year. We had some wonderful amateur and professional fighters enter the Binacrombi ring last year, and the feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive.

As you probably know, I am Australia’s oldest active professional fighter, and I like to do at least four rounds every Saturday night with whoever is willing to take me on. I’m planning to continue with that as I begin my 60th year on this planet next month, though I’m hoping to get pushed further down the undercard this year as we welcome some fresh talent to Binacrombi, along with some well-known pugs from the past. So watch this space, and don’t forget to pack your mouthguard along with your helmet on our next visit.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.