‘Bina’ has 13 tracks, totalling over 30km, the signature track being ‘The River Run’. A 15km enduro that has four river crossings and flat speed sections together with testing hills suitable for riders of average experience and a special adventure for those with quads.
‘Bina’ is hilly and often a little mountainous. The tracks have been ingeniously designed to cater for kids, beginners and the more experienced and adventurous rider. It is being improved all the time and we keep our focus on what we feel is best for families and our average rider.

THE PEE WEE TRACK: Situated next to the accommodation complex. This track is designed for inexperienced kids to use with pee wee bikes and quads. It is a slightly sloping dual loop 0.7km track.

WARM UP LOOP: This is a sloping hillside run of 0.7km, that is designed to get the blood flowing and nerves calmed before attacking the west run eduros – it has some small warm up jumps too.