Bike, Quad, 530 acres
Gym, Ring, Outdoors
Nature, Family, Community Spaces

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People come from far and wide to Binacrombi! The property is located in the Blue Mountains National Park and is only accessible by car, so if you are catching public transport or flying, you will need to drive at least the last hour of your trip:

From Sydney

  • Take the M5 to Goulburn
  • Before you reach Goulburn shopping centre, take a right turn at Union St and follow the signs to Taralga (45km NW)
  • Go straight through Taralga and after 10km, take a right turn at the Wombeyan Caves turn-off
  • After only 2.5kms, take a left at Jerrong Rd (a dirt road) and head towards Wiaborough
  • Stay on Jerrong Rd for a full 21kms (making two small river crossings – don’t worry a sedan can do it) until you eventually reach Glen Rd on your left.
  • Binacrombi is less than 8kms down Glen Rd.

From Oberon

  • Go through the main street of Oberon and turn left at the Goulburn turn-off. Take the road to Black Springs.
  • Turn left at Abecrombie Rd (at the cross roads – this is the Goulburn turnoff.
  • Follow this road for 25km then turn left at the Mt Werong/Jerrong sign (Cosgrove Rd)
  • Travel along road for aprox. 1.5kn and turn right at Jerrong Rd (sign says Wiaborough 11)
  • Travel along road then turn right at Glen Rd.
  • Binacrombi is less than 8kms down Glen Rd

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