Updates by Angela Smith

Happy New Year to you all!

We spent a very peaceful new year with the Tramas thinking of the year ahead and well it looks to be one filled with changes and improvements.

During January, you'll notice some construction happening onsite as we erect the new gym. The gym will be used for camps with our existing kickboxing club in the city. The idea is to get some of the inner city kids that we deal with through our youth centre in Dulwich Hill, out into the bush for a change of scenery and some intense training. This won't interfere with the riding as we will have our own gym and wrestling pit when all is said and done, and will probably only use the tracks for a 6am run. Pop your head in if you want to take on David or Pete in the ring!

The gym will be locked up when not used by us, so it is not available for general use.

We also hope to tackle the Dorm floors and toilet block to add some improvements their as well, though that will need to be a little later in the year.

Track work

Earlier this month, Pete has put some time into the 40 acres and the driveway to tidy that up and Juan Jewell and his son came out and put some effort into the jumps that were looking a little worse for wear after the rains. So come and take advantage of that!


We are always looking to improve the way we do things at Binacrombi. Be sure to send an email to me if you have any suggestions or services/skills you can offer. Speak to Ange at info@binacrombi.com.au

Trama Triumph!

We are still receiving really positive feedback about our new caretakers who we are pleased to announce have decided to stay after their three month trial period. They want to know when the hard work starts but by the looks of things happening onsite and the comments below these guys don't stop working. Good on you crew.

To keep up to date on how they see their experience onsite, check out their blog at:

"Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much fun we had on the weekend. We all loved the place even with the "not so great" weather. The road in from Oberon side was quite bad but we made it through.

The Trama's are very lovely people. Many thanks go to Peter for towing us out off the property on departure and escorting us through the first crossing. (Lol).

We will definitely be back in the warmer, dryer weather. The cabin we stayed was great. I have a new born baby and Peter and Pauline supplied plenty of wood to keep the place warm for our stay.

I can't wait to see the changes when we go back a bit later in the year. From what I am told, they are going to be great. Again, thank you and the Trama's for a great time and we will see you again very soon."

Other Comments:

"Once again we enjoyed our stay at Binacrombi. We met up with the new caretakers Peter and Pauline and found them to be very pleasant and helpful. Their intentions and attitude are positive. Please pass on our gratitude for their hospitality". M Risi

And some others:


Just a quick email to let you know how much we enjoyed our weekend and show you some photos. We camped down by the river and had 10 quad bikes between us all. The quads conquered all the hill climbs and the tracks were a great change from the sand dunes we have all been used to. The kids loved fishing and we all had a great dusty time!

Thanks, Trev and Ang."
Fishing boy

"We have just arrived home after an absolutely fantastic weekend at Binacrombi. The overall experience was sensational with the tracks and trails catering for all of our riders from an inexperienced 5 year old, to some of us who think we are Mr Motocross. The facilities were perfect for that getaway weekend and made it even more relaxing. Finally George was a sensation and put the icing on the cake, there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to make our weekend more comfortable and we were made to feel extremely welcome.

Look forward to seeing you again soon with a much bigger crew"

Still more...

"Thanks for the other weekend, we had a ball & can't wait to get back & do it all again."

"Hope all is well up in paradise. We are already planning for the next visit as soon as our bosses will allow us. The kids havent stopped talking about the visit to your li'l patch of paradise.

All of us would like to thank you for a wonderful stay up there and can't wait for our next stay. We love the laid-back attitude of everybody there and the clear sky of a night sitting back counting stars and drinking with great company.

I hope that more people find the atmosphere there as inviting as we did. Also make some new friends on the way.


Make sure you email us any great shots you get on your last visit and we'll post them up on our gallery so your mates can have a look. The gallery has since been updated again so have a look.